About Michelle


Michelle Shinagawa is a graphic designed/production artist/keynote specialist based in NYC.

Born in Osaka Japan, she has moved to Washington DC suburb with her family when she was 17. While she was in college learning English, she was fascinated by magic of photography and became a photography major. After she graduated with associate degree in Photography, she applied for Rochester Institute of Technology where she won the scholarship competition for the photography department. She has slept, bathed, and ate whole 2 years of her life emerged in photography for 2 years until she graduated from RIT with BA in Photography Illustration.

After she graduated from RIT, she started working at Trucolor in NJ as a Digital Imaging Artist and started her career as a graphic artist. In 2000, Michelle Shinagawa moved to NYC to pursue her career as a graphic designer/web designer and she freelanced as a photo retoucher as well until she started working at DDB Worldwide in 2001. She spent 12 years at DDB as a studio artist/graphic designer working with many different clients simultaneously in multiple platforms, navigating through many different applications like InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, and Keynotes. Currently she freelances as a graphic designer/Keynote specialist. Some of her projects include creating Keynote slides as a tool for educating about the ins and outs of advertising around the world, as well as helping to re-brand small companies by designing web graphics, business cards, brochures, etc.

Her other passion is in the area of healing. She leads workshops to help people heal by giving them tool to be able to understand the nature of human being as well as a offering practical healing tools.

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